& Ambient

BTDConstruct & Ambient is a 100% Romanian General Constructions Company, founded in 2013, that carries out general construction activities in civil, commercial and industrial sectors. In addition, its Architecture & Interior Design Division proposes the vision of the spaces, through concepts of interior design and the implementation of design ideas.

Since the beginning, the BTD team keeps feeding into the motivation to exceed the limits of the plans and to think of creative solutions for achievement. From the sketch stage to the moment of inaugurating any project, BTD’s vision is to go Beyond the details, to the full interest of its beneficiaries.



Hagag Development Europe is a real estate investor-developer specialized in residential and commercial projects in Romania.

The company is involved in the purchase, development, renovation and management of several buildings and projects located in luxury and development areas of Bucharest, and is the only player on the local market placing significant investments into developing and growing the niche segment of urban renewal through the reconversion of old, historical buildings with unique architectural presence.


SVN Romania

SVN is more than a source of real estate properties and clients, having a combined experience of the team of more than 12 years in the market, as well as a proven record of success, hands-on experience and superior knowledge within our asset class.

Translating our Global Network Knowledge to Local Maximised Value – at SVN® Romania we think global presence by itself it’s not enough in order to create local value. The key is to adapt our network know-how to the local market differences and to maximise knowledge transfer across Romania’s top cities.



Arcadia is a 100% a Romanian company that provides a full range of engineering, design and management services for construction projects.

We tailor our services and teams to meet your needs and proposed budgets, utilizing the highest design and construction technologies with efficiency top of mind.


Progetto Lusso

Progetto Lusso is an integrator of engineering, architecture, art, design and craftsmanship services.

With its eclectic and holistic approach to real estate development, Progetto Lusso’ experts are devoted to create bespoke solutions able to meet the desires of refined clients, interpreting their own needs and delivering unparalleled service, high efficiency, top quality products and boundless inventiveness.